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How To Maximize Apartment Living In Brownsburg

Regardless if you reside in a one-bedroom, a two-bedroom, or a penthouse, you will probably find yourself wanting more storage in your apartment. The good news is maximizing apartment space in Brownsburg is easier than it first appears. From decluttering to adding new storage, here are some simple yet practical ways to make your place much more open and airy. 

Maximize Apartment Space in Brownsburg With A Quick Declutter

Model Living Room in Brownsburg apartments.

It’s surprising how much stuff we acquire that goes with us every time we move. Kitchen tools, unused clothing, dated furniture -- the list is endless. By combing through these items, you can easily throw out those items that you no longer need or benefit from.

Start with the outdated stuff tucked away in the back of the pantry accumulating dust -- like that deviled egg dish you picked up at a second hand store. If you can’t remember why you have that thing, take it to a charity. You’ll be shocked at how clutter-free your cupboards and closets become! And don’t forget to consider your furnishings as well. Maybe consider downsizing from a cumbersome sectional to a quaint loveseat and coffee table to better fit your Brownsburg apartment.

Look For Ways To Create Secret Storage Spaces

Open Kitchen with Storage in Brownsburg.

Living in an apartment means you have to work in the existing floor plan. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you can’t look at it in a different and creative ways. By thinking vertically, finding storage inside of furniture, and getting innovative with your shelving options, you can make space almost anywhere.

Begin this creative thinking in the kitchen. Install spice racks on the inside of or below the cupboards to tidy up the counter space. Magnetic knife strips get cutlery off the counter or open up a drawer. Or invest in a colorful tea kettle or dutch oven that acts like an art piece on the stove as opposed to taking up cabinet space.

Then try locating some pieces that can operate as a storage solution. What about a storage ottoman to put away board games or a couch with storage below for blankets and decorative pillows? Drawers or tubs under the bed can store off-season clothes. And don’t forget that storing rarely used things in your detached garage can really maximize some apartment space in Brownsburg.

The Power Of Illusion Makes You Be Content With The Space You Have

Living room with open space.

Simply because you have a small floor plan should not mean your apartment space has to feel small.

Lighten up your living space with natural lighting by putting in some translucent curtains. The elimination of heavy curtains or blinds will let in more light to be shared in the home and give your space room to breathe. Or, illuminate the room with light and include some modern fixtures that remove dark, claustrophobic areas.

Don’t want to install new curtains? Provide the illusion of more light by adding mirrors in your space. Mirrors used throughout your living space can quickly make any room appear larger.

Some More Ways To Maximize Apartment Space In Brownsburg

Laundry room with storage space in Brownsburg.

Finally, the way to maximize your new, small apartment space is getting artistic and having fun with it. Here are just some quick methods that can add space to your rooms.

  • Hang your television on a wall and make floating shelves for your devices.

  • Reclaim a closet from a bulky vacuum with a less smaller, more efficient robot vacuum.

  • Design a closet organizer so that every article has its own area.

  • Add vertical storage shelves and wall organizers to help give you more floor space.

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