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Are Studio Apartments Different From Efficiency Apartments In Brownsburg?

March 03, 2022
Studio apartment living room at Echo Park Bloomington.

When you’re searching for a smaller rental unit, you may find the words “studio apartment” and “efficiency apartment.” Initially, these labels could seem interchangeable, but they’re actually two separate apartment styles. Although both have less square footage and economical, studio and efficiency apartments in Brownsburg have some notable distinctions. If you understand how they differ, you will be able to discover which type of apartment to choose as your new place.

What Is A Studio Apartment In Brownsburg?

A studio apartment living room at Riverview Apartments. 

If you have a picture in your mind of a smaller rental unit, you’re in all likelihood visualizing a studio apartment. It’s true that most studio apartments in Brownsburg have around 600 square feet, but it’s their layout that allows them to differentiate from other choices. While that majority of apartment floor plans have distinct sleeping quarters, studio apartments feature open concept floor plans. The family room, bedroom, and kitchen are all together. You will still have a bathroom and possibly a closet in a separate location.

It’s important to note there is a bit of variety among studio apartments. Some studio apartments include a loft that gives you a little bit of privacy, and others employ an L-shaped layout to create a sleeping nook. You will come across different studio apartment kitchens as well. In spite of their limited space, studio apartments offer full kitchens, and sometimes a breakfast bar and cabinets can serve as a welcomed divider between cooking and living space. Additionally, a portion of studio apartments include a bath large enough for both a tub and shower, while other options have just a shower.

What Is An Efficiency Apartment In Brownsburg?

Efficiency apartments might resemble studio apartments, but they’re meant to save even more space. They feature the smallest apartment layouts–as little as 300 total square feet. The entire functional space minus the bathroom is contained in one open area. In lieu of a full-size kitchen, you will have a reduced kitchen area with a couple appliances and a small strip of countertop along one of your walls. Within the tiniest of efficiency apartments, the appliances are smaller. You’ll probably be presented with a space-saving bathroom as well, without a bathtub or large sink.

Which Is Better: A Studio Apartment Or An Efficiency Apartment?

Looking into the bright living area from kitchen. 

As you now know the different aspects of efficiency and studio apartments in Brownsburg, which one is better? That depends on your needs. Both options may reduce your living expenses but are best suited for a specific type of lifestyle.

If you would like a smaller place to rent and potentially invite over one or two guests, a studio apartment has sufficient living area. If having conveniences like a full kitchen is important to you, then choose a studio apartment. A studio apartment usually works better for people with pets too.

If you’re on the road a bunch or don’t often stay at home and just require a place to sleep, you can save the cost of a full-size apartment by living in an efficiency apartment. You will even balance out the higher living costs within your city’s center or other desirable location by going with an efficiency apartment in your preferred neighborhood. And while your compact unit might be without a few amenities, remember that you can still use the fantastic community amenities.

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