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How To Rent An Apartment In Brownsburg

August 30, 2023
Exterior of multi-level apartment building with attached garage.

Preparing to secure your first apartment? Or perhaps it’s been many years since you rented one, and now you’re starting the process again. Here’s what you ought to know about how to rent an apartment in Brownsburg, from determining what you can afford to finding the right apartment and completing the application.

What Is Your Budget?

Open apartment floor plan with connected kitchen and living room.

Your first step is to decide what you can pay. You wouldn’t want to become enamored with an apartment only to realize it’s not feasible from a financial standpoint. Think about your income prior to looking at that terrific two-bedroom unit with a view of the lake. Here’s some advice to help you do so.

  • Take note of your net income - the amount you have after taxes - and deduct your existing expenses (credit cards, car payments, etc.).
  • Factor in unforeseen charges like flat tires and urgent care appointments. As a general rule, add 10 percent to your current bill amount.
  • Forecast expenses at your new unit, such as utilities and groceries. If you need a starting point, assign $250 a month for both.
  • How often do you enjoy a night out? Project your monthly dining and entertainment budget.
  • What is remaining? This amount is what you can apply toward rent. Now is the time to figure out if you might want a roommate.

Selecting The Ideal Apartment In Brownsburg

Fitness center with aerobic and weight training equipment.

Investigating different complexes and floor plans can be fun but also time-consuming. Make sure you give yourself adequate time to search around - at least two or three months. Your initial step is to figure out which area you want to live in. Do you wish to be close to your office or school? Are you searching in the city or in suburban areas? Is there nightlife and shopping close by? Determining an exact location will will be of great benefit.

You probably already know the number of bedrooms you’ll want, so you can focus on selecting your favorite floor plan. Then, you need to think about what amenities you would like. Is a fitness center or swimming pool non-negotiable? Do you have to have a community that allows furry friends? Answering these kinds of questions will streamline your search.

Finishing The Application Process

Designated dog park at apartment community.

Once you’ve picked out an apartment, you need to finish the application process. You’ll need to come prepared with proper identification, documentation of income, and some references. You’ll typically be charged an application fee to cover the cost of background and credit checks. If you intend to use a co-signer, inform the leasing agent before getting too far along, as they may not be permitted.

The application process will typically involve the following:

  1. Pay an application fee
  2. Complete an application form
  3. Prepare for credit and background checks
  4. Sign the lease

On the actual application form, you should plan to provide this information:

  • Name, phone number, email, and present address
  • Employment and income
  • Prior address(es)
  • Dogs or other pets (if applicable)
  • Who to call in case of emergency
  • References - you might be asked to provide past landlords or personal and professional references

Find The Perfect Apartment At Union Green

Finding an apartment in Brownsburg is simple at Union Green. We boast a wide assortment of amenities and floor plans to fit your lifestyle. Request a tour to explore our community or reach out to 463-888-7185 to speak with one of our skilled leasing representatives about how to rent one of our apartments in Brownsburg.