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How To Secure Your Apartment In Brownsburg

February 08, 2023
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Safety is a top consideration for everybody from new occupants to long-term Residents. Your apartment is your refuge, an area where you can feel protected and comfortable. Keeping that feeling of security is crucial to the welfare of your family or roommates and even your pets. Developing proper habits and making a few changes to your home can keep you away from dangerous situations. Simply abide by these straightforward suggestions for securing your apartment in Brownsburg.

Always Practice Safe Habits

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Your community already has various security devices in place to help keep occupants safe and sound, but you have to engage with them correctly! Be certain to shut all doors and gates behind you, especially if it is only used with a passcode or key from a occupant, like a workout area or pool. If your community features door buzzers or passcodes at entrances, only use them for your own visitors. Opening doors for strangers can cause a dangerous situation for you and your neighbors!

Speaking of your neighbors, they are critical in securing your apartment in Brownsburg. Take time to meet your people in your building and learn who lives in which unit. Having this knowledge helps you discern if any suspicious outsiders are lurking about. Your fellow tenants may also be the ones who make a report should a situation take place. Ultimately, safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Devices to Secure Your Apartment in Brownsburg

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Security devices are paramount to keeping your place secure. Here are some well-known and practical devices and how to use them:

  1. Locks: Your access points like your main entry are equipped with locks - utilize them! Prowlers look for the easiest way in. Remembering to lock your doors and windows at night and before you leave is many times all it takes to dissuade the common prowler.
  2. Sliding door bar: A sliding rear entry is often a likely attack point. Installing a metal or wood bar on the track to stop it from moving makes it almost impossible to break into.
  3. Surveillance: Your building might have video surveillance in place to provide protection for Residents, but incorporating your own can be a good idea. Situate them near entryways like your sliding door or overlooking a main walkway in the space to keep a watchful eye.
  4. Automated lighting: A straightforward way for securing your apartment in Brownsburg is to incorporate lighting that will make prospective criminals suspect you’re in the apartment. Smart light bulbs that have the ability to be programmed to illuminate at specified times or activated with a mobile device app are able to make it appear like folks are inside.
  5. Window treatments: As basic as it sounds, limiting vision into your apartment keeps prized possessions away from curious onlookers and keeps would-be thieves wondering if you’re present or not.

Having Locks Rekeyed Or Replaced Is A Good Idea

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Before you move in, it’s smart to find out if the main entry lock has been replaced or rekeyed. Getting updated locks is a great idea to ensure the previous tenant can’t gain access to your new place. On the chance it hasn’t been changed, this is something that the property owner should address for you.

Tenant Insurance Is Smart To Have

No matter if you follow all of these tips on how to secure your apartment in Brownsburg, tenant insurance is still a smart safeguard to have. Your provider will have your back and aid you in replacing damaged or stolen items should the unthinkable happen. Put your mind at ease with a tenant insurance plan.

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