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Is It Better To Live Close To Work Or Commute In Brownsburg?

November 10, 2021
Aerial shot of Union Flats Apartments

Living near the office can be advantageous, but what if you have trouble finding a neighboring community that you love? Is a longer drive a possibility if you’re able to live in an amazing complex? What should you consider, and is there even a chance you can pinpoint the right apartment close to work in Brownsburg? If you’re trying to decide whether to live close to work or commute in Brownsburg, answer these questions first.

Will You Save More Money Living Near Work Vs. Having A Nice Apartment In Brownsburg?

Spacious apartment at Park 66 Flats. 

Will it be financially wise for you to live close to work or commute in Brownsburg? Dependent on the location of your office, local housing could be more than you can afford. You will likely find a more suitable spot with more square footage at a lower payment if you expand your search area. Conversely, a lengthier drive means you’ll pay more for gas and car maintenance. It’s possible that you will even take on added costs for drive-thru dinners, babysitting, and other daily necessities if you’re away from home more.

When living next to your office, you can cut expenses since you’ll have more time at home. After you calculate the estimated payments of living close to where you work vs. having a nice apartment elsewhere in Brownsburg, you can determine which choice is smarter from a financial standpoint.

Will A Long Commute Affect Your Happiness?

Beautiful pool at Echo Park Apartments. 

Commuting during the busiest times of day increases your stress levels, and being stationary for an extended time isn’t healthy either. If you rent a lovely apartment with all the conveniences you always wanted, you may not be bothered by driving a long distance to work. When you get home, you might lounge around the pool area and feel the stress of the day disappear. Or, if your complex provides a health club, you are able to counterbalance the extra sitting you endured driving to the office. And of course, if you work from home, you can enjoy your well-equipped apartment throughout the day! However, for many people who have to work in the office every morning, the impact on one’s well-being isn’t worth it, and you may determine you’re in a better state of mind when you reduce your time driving.

Is Your Office In A Suitable Area?

Your life away from the office is important as well. Living near your job will not be a good fit for you if it isn’t near your child’s school or the restaurants, bars, and shops you prefer. The end result will be more time driving transporting your kids or running errands.

You might reassess residing near your job if that part of town is noisier than you want. If you have to listen to traffic at all hours, you probably should find a community in another neighborhood where you can rest easily before you arise a few minutes earlier to begin your daily drive.

Are You Sure You Can’t Locate Your Ideal Apartment Close To Work? Union Green Can Help

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Brownsburg offers an array of pleasant apartment complexes you can call home. If you ask around, friends and work associates will tell you about their favorite communities near your job. You probably will need to look into more than one complex to locate what you’re looking for, but the effort will be rewarded when you occupy an apartment you love and with a short commute.

Another smart choice is to look into the options at Union Green. We offer roomy units in a desirable Brownsburg area close to schools, shopping, and major employers. To learn more about our impressive property, dial 463-888-7185 or request a tour with a member of our friendly team.