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Six Smart Apartment Kitchen Ideas For Brownsburg Renters

September 14, 2020

Kitchen in a Brownsburg apartment

The fact that you're leasing doesn't mean your cooking space has to be anything short of gourmet. By using some innovative apartment kitchen ideas for your Brownsburg apartment, you will be able to serve up your favorite dish with ease – despite the size of your cooking area. Impress your friends at your next feast with your functional kitchen setup and sense of style by using just a few simple tips.

Here are six easy ideas on how to freshen up your apartment's kitchen, no matter how ample your space is or your floor plan.


Take Stock Of Your Most Regularly Used Kitchen Tools

Do you often mix meats and veggies in a slow-cooker and arrive home to a delicious dish that's perfectly cooked? Have you not used your blender in over a month? Think about which appliances and cooking utensils you use regularly and put other items away in a cabinet or closet. Not only will this save you space in the kitchen, but you'll have less to put away later.


An Island Makes Sense For Your Brownsburg Apartment Kitchen

Model living room in Brownsburg.

If counter space is needed, using an island in your kitchen will often create the versatility you need. Bring even more convenience to your kitchen setup by purchasing a rolling island. These smart solutions easily double as a serving station, extra table, or they can be stored out of the way when you need more floor space.


Hang Your Knives

One of the most innovative apartment kitchen suggestions for your Brownsburg apartment is to replace the clunky knife block for a wall-mounted magnetic knife strip. Many restaurant kitchens take advantage of them for their space-saving and convenience. Regardless of the length or location, a knife strip will create a contemporary feel to any kitchen. Just be careful to install it where children can’t access!


Free Up Space with a Peg Board

When you need some extra space, hanging a pegboard may be an ideal solution. Pegboards can bear enough weight to hang cookware or be used to line up your favorite mugs in a fun display. A blend of suspended plants in company with your frequently-used cooking instruments can allow you to conceal your tools in plain sight. A pegboard can add both style and function to any apartment kitchen in spades.


Use Your Sink As A Prepping Area

Model kitchen in Brownsburg
Sinks of any size can double as an extra area for any purpose. You can buy a sink cover for stacking plates or use as a prep station. When you need to use the sink, store the top back in a convenient space. You can even put down your regular cutting board horizontally on top of your sink for an instant sink cover.

Save Space With Backless Stools

[[Sitting room in Brownsburg apartments.

Backless stools for your Brownsburg apartment kitchen bar are a fantastic way to save space without sacrificing seating options or style. Gently slide them entirely under the bar counter when you need more floor space.

Enjoy A Better Apartment Kitchen By Moving To Union Green

If you've implemented these apartment kitchen ideas in Brownsburg and you're still not happy with your space, request a tour and explore the available kitchens at Union Green. As you look around, you'll appreciate our kitchens' newer appliances and stunning designs. Start the journey to your next home by dialing 463-888-7185 or clicking the "schedule a tour button." Is visiting in person not possible? You can still see the space with our virtual tours!